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NEO Personality Test Coaching Tool

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International Profiler Coaching

What is it?

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The International Profiler is a questionnaire and feedback process that has been developed to help managers and professionals reflect on where their skills are (and where they may be lacking skills) in working internationally. It also helps raise awareness of potential areas in which they may require future development, and suggest actions they can take to fill the gaps.


How does it work?

The international Profiler provides feedback on a set of 10 competencies (with 22 associated skills attitudes & areas of knowledge) that define the special capabilities required to transfer leadership, managerial and professional skills to the international context. The competencies have been derived from research in the multi-cultural field and the practical experience of people working in international roles. The International Profiler is a psychometric questionnaire that provides individuals with structured feedback in terms of energy, emphasis & attention they typically bring to each of the competency sets. All the individual needs to do to initiate this process is to fill in the International Profiler questionnaire that takes about 20-45 minutes. The questionnaire can be completed and scored on the web or in hard copy version.

When should The International Profiler be used?

TIP is equally suitable for people with extensive international experience, & those about to embark on an international role. Typical candidates include: . Managers leading, or participating in, international teams . Specialists sitting on international committees . Managers operating in multi-cultural workplaces . Managers and professionals dealing with the consequences of cross-boarder mergers/acquisitions . Professionals with international business careers . International project managers . Managers integrating operations across national boundaries . Key support staff co-ordinating and communicating across culture.

What are the benefits for the individual manager?

The International Profiler is not a prescriptive tool. It is the basis for a structured exploration of an individual’s competency requirements, and thus is developmental. It helps managers to understand the extra and enhanced qualities they require for personal success at an international level. It can be used to identify and address the particular development needs they require to: 1. Take on a specific new international role 2. Build an international career 3. Work more effectively with colleagues in an international team 4. Build productive relationships with new partners in unfamiliar cultural contexts.

What are the benefits at an organisational level?

For the organisation the Profiler can: 1. Reduce the personal and organisational trauma of inappropriate appointments. 2. Avoid miscommunication and mistrust in critical business relationships. 3. Audit experience and capabilities for working across cultures. 4. Provide individual development plans and group training solutions that are specifically adapted to the demands of a multi-national business environment.